Print Your City — Thessaloniki

Zero Waste Future, CocaCola (GR)

The “Print Your City” in Thessaloniki is a part of the ambitious “Zero Waste Future” program of Coca-Cola in Greece.

This project explores the possibility of using the city’s plastic waste in order to build public space with robotic 3D printing and citizen’s involvement. The idea is showcased with a temporary installation of a series of 3D printed street furniture that is made from household plastic waste and robotic 3D printing.

The 3D printed street furniture has integrated extra functions that promotes a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle in the city. Each object can feature a bike rack or a mini gym, a tree pot or even a dog feeding bowl or a bookcase. 

What’s more, the geometries are based on ergonomic curvatures that accommodate a relaxed body posture.

Coca-Cola in Greece 

Municipality of Thessaloniki
Ogilvy Greece

Nea Paralia, Thessaloniki (GR)

Marily Konstantinopoulou

                                Design Office
                                   Delftsestraat 9E
                                   3013 AB
                                   Rotterdam [NL]

                                                         Zero Waste Lab
                                                              Egnatias 154
                                                              546 36
                                                              Thessaloniki [GR]