Print Your City — Waterfront

Zero Waste Future, Coca-Cola in Greece

The project “Print Your City-Waterfront” in Thessaloniki was a temporary installation at the waterfront of the city. It lasted a month and was part of the ambitious “Zero Waste Future” program of Coca-Cola in Greece.

For 30 days, the citizens of the city could enjoy the waterfront of the city with a series of street furniture that was made from household plastic waste and robotic 3D printing.

The 3D printed street furniture has integrated extra functions that promote a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle in the city. Each object can feature a bike rack or a mini gym, a tree pot or even a dog feeding bowl or a bookcase.

Each 3D printed street furniture piece is unique in colour and shape. Its ergonomic curvatures accommodate a relaxed body posture under the shadow of a tree.

Halfway between tree pots, benches and street furniture, they invited interaction by citizens in Nea Paralia, the main waterfront promenade in Thessaloniki.

Coca-Cola in Greece 

Municipality of Thessaloniki
Ogilvy Greece

Nea Paralia, Thessaloniki (GR)

Marily Konstantinopoulou
Local Stage