Second Nature — Stool

Blue Cycle
Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation

Furniture of a sustainable future!

In this project, The New Raw joined forces with BlueCycle to tackle marine plastic pollution. The first fruit of this collaboration is the next generation of Second Nature furniture series, initially conceived and launched under the auspices of BlueCycle and the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation.

The stools are digitally crafted from upcycled marine plastic. Through robotic 3D printing, we give a second life to previously dumped plastic, proposing affordable and sustainable solutions in a wide range of designs and colours.


All Second Nature products can be customized and are 100% circular.

Inspired by the marine environment the designs possess a trinity between the pillars of sustainability, ergonomics and strong storytelling. 

Second Nature seeks to create a change by designing a series of furniture that raise awareness for sustainability and connect its users to this major environmental problem through their narrative. 

Blue Cycle

Pireaus (GR), 2020

Alina Lefa